Our Mission

at Faith and Families Recovery House is to offer residential services to women facing the challenges of maintaining sobriety and a successful way of living. 


OUR VISION  is to invest in women's recovery, resulting in a life that creates a sense of empowerment, personal accountability and the life skills essential for women and their families to live stable, substance free, productive lives.



Our Beginning ...

Faith and Family was founded in 2017 by a group of friends in sobriety. Dennis Grant, Delladee Grant, Matthew Johns, Nikki King, and Scott Johns are founding members.

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We use a holistic approach of recovery by participating in a comprehensive 12-step program in order to provide women the assistance they need to overcome the obstacles of integrating into society, obtaining self-sustaining and reuniting with their children and family. 


Our Mission

We offer transitional living home for women seeking independent living, family reunification, and long-term recovery from drug and alcohol abuse.


Our Core Values


"Setting Standards"


"Soul Centered"


"Moral Soundness"




Residents are expected to participate in creating a positive, recovery-focused atmosphere and fostering a sense of community within the program. 

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